SmartPro Ltd

Installation Commision and Integration

As the telecom operators are expanding their networks rapidly due to requirements of high speed data and good quality services. Deployment and up gradation of new equipment is necessary for them. We here at Smartpro have vast knowledge and experience of working with different vendors. We can provide IC&I; engineers which are fully trained on multi vendor technologies to install BTS/Node B, eNodeB . To keep up to date in market we are providing our engineers with range of different future LTE trainings. Our experience ranges from simple carrier upgrades through to full, live hot swap scenarios.

Site Surveys

As telecom operators requires site surveys to capture the information for the range of different projects. We at Smartpro has experienced telecom surveyors who are involved in different survey projects and could assist customer in capturing all the information they requires in a documentation format tailored to their needs.
Range Of Survey Projects currently Smartpro involved in,
• H3G LTE800/1800 Project.
• BTS/Node B 2G Refresh Project
• ENodeB Nokia Darwin Project
• Huawei LTE2600 Project
• CTIL Project for Arqiva
• Site Audit Surveys.
• Microwave Surveys
We provide this service throughout the UK.

Field Maintenance

As a growing company we are expanding our services to help our clients. We are now planning to provide our customers with full 24/7 365 days support. As our engineers are multi-skilled this is helpful for utilizing the same resource for any nature of faults from electrical, radios, antennas and microwave. As we understand it is of critical importance to maintain the network. We provide comprehensive operations and maintenance services throughout the UK for our clients to maintain their SLAs .

IT Networking

SMARTPRO also involves in the IT sector. After all, your IT system depends on the network cabling and wireless devices that join everything together.
Well designed, reliable and secure networks improve the efficiency of your entire system. SMARTPRO designs and implements networking systems that are easy to manage and maintain, are cost-effective, make economic use of materials, and above all make sure your systems run smoothly, quickly and efficiently.
SMARTPRO has extensive network service that designs and deploys networking skills, knowledge, and experience. We work with all sizes of business, and all types of cabling and wireless project – from the very simple to highly complex.